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Sunday, July 7, 2013

On the road again!

It has begun!  The last few days have been whirlwinds of busy!  I had to run get all the last minute things on the list.  I think I made three trips to Olsen’s tack shop!  I needed moreulcerguard, more fly spray, a new whip (I still don’t know how my old one disappeared) and a billion other things.  My legs are full of cuts because I finally broke in my Konigs!  If Robert Dover and Jeremy are right I should have a much ‘prettier’ line with stiff boots than my baggy ankle ones!  I am smiling as I write this because at EDAP this year Robert told me I needed new boots and not a week later Jeremy did too!  They both said I had a beautiful leg line but my baggy soft ankles on my old boots weren’t cutting it!  So after my parents died of a heart attack from the cost and swore if I grew another centimeter they would stop paying for new clothes every three months; I got myKonigs!  We shall see if Robert and Jeremy were right and if the judges notice my enhanced line!
I also had to go to pick up my shad belly from the tailors. When you are putting your coat on after the warm-up while you are still on the horse, it is really tough to button the decorative piece across the middle inside your coat.  Jeremy has a great solution.  He has the tailor sew the two sides on permanently (or use snaps) and then cuts the middle so when you shut your jacket you close the front.  It is hard to explain but come by and seemine sometime!  It so saves time and when you are trying to quickly get your coat on and avoid a long enough period of rest to not let an antsy horse get amped or have to drop reins; it works great!
Then it is check and recheck your list, and load up.  I have to thank Colby Dodd for picking up Sjapoer and my stuff and hauling my love to Lexington.  You know I trust you Colby when I have faith in you to take care of my guy for me.  (Ok I did call and text about 10 times already on the first day; but I feel separation anxiety!)  I cannot wait to meet up in Kentucky.FYI, you know you are a horse person when you go on a trip and your horse has more luggage than you do!
Since the last show I have been doubling up on my visualization.  In fact, I drew a giant blue ribbon on the mirror in my bedroom and wrote next to it; focus and visualize. As I left my room that morning, I wasn’t even alive because the flight was at 6 am!  This meant a 4 am departure.  But I guess with the time difference between Seattle and Lexington I had better start getting used to it.  I think the heat might be more of an issue for Sjapoer and I this year.  Last year when we came from Texas it was actually cooler than it had been at home.  But SJ has really taken to the cooler Washington air.  I think it reminds him of Holland.  
When I got off the plane in Texas around noon today I thought; SJ isn’t the only one who doesn’t like the Southern heat any more.  I thought I had wilted.  My legs seemed to melt into the leather of the car seat.  My mom’s friend Alysee said this is a new spa treatment for cellulite; they sweat it off.  Too bad I am trying to gain weight.  I just feel like a gummy bear left in the window.
I spent my day hanging with the papa.  I haven’t seen him in about 4 months.  It was a lot of fun and  mom and I headed out to the lake house!  Friday it was swimming, beach volleyball and Texas BBQ.  I can taste the ribs now.  Saturday morning bright and early we headed straight to KY. 

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