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Sunday, June 30, 2013

It's Crunch Time!

     Well, it has been nearly two weeks since my last blog; this is the longest ever I have gone without updating everyone!  It has been a crazy two weeks full of graduations, competitions, and preparations for Kentucky.

   First, having an amazing trainer is by far one of the most important decisions in this business.  I heard for years about how the transition from juniors to young riders was so hard and often took years to achieve.  Yet I think I have made a relatively smooth transition because of Shauntel Bryant and Jeremy Steinberg.  Shauntel gives me the foundation and the positive reinforcement and Jeremy keeps me on the straight and narrow and teaches me the details.  He kicks my butt into gear.  Even being his “priority” for the last week and the next three has and will make a huge difference in my riding.  I had three lessons last week and three this week with him and will continue with at least that many until the competition.  He is such a perfectionist I feel daily as if my riding improves a point! 

     Second, write lists, organize, pack and repack! To make my lists I close my eyes and walk through my day.  I start with preparing the show space.  Envision the feed stall, what do you need in it?  What do you see?  Then I move to the tack stall?  What do you see?  Then I unload the horse in his stall.  What do you see?  What do you need?  Then I get ready for a warm up.  What do you see?  What do you need?  Write everything down. My closet mirror is currently covered in my lists. Then start to check your supplies.  Make sure everything well in advance is in working order, is clean and of competition standards.  Then if you want have your trainer or friend recheck your lists to see if you forgot anything.  FYI, try to get as much on the shipping transport and not in the car/plane with you! 

     Third, think of all the people who helped you or who are helping you get to where you are going.  Think of ways to thank them before you head off to Kentucky.  Definitely thank them with something when you get back.  

    Well, 10 days from today Sjapoer and I will arrive in Kentucky.  We are both getting excited to meet new faces and to show everyone what we have learned in a year.  I think I have grown a few more inches so I’ll look a little different.  I can’t wait to give my sister Genay the biggest hug ever and to have BBQ’s at the house for all my new Canadian friends. Last thing, got to give a shout out to my Region 9 girls! You’re doing amazing!!

    Sjapoer says he can’t wait to roll in the blue grass.  He promises to try to not get hurt this time (he has every trip to KY!)  See you there!  Stop in to Region 6 and say hi anytime. 

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