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Monday, March 6, 2017

Michigan isn't THAT cold!

   So I survived my first Michigan winter.  I have to say it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  I hope that doesn't jinx next year!  However, I do have to say it is definitely a must to have an indoor arena attached to the barn up here.  The babies have settled in after their long trip from Europe.  They have such different personalities, it is going to be interesting seeing how they develop.  Fuego is all big power and strength.  His conformation reminds me a lot of Sjapoer.  He naturally holds his head so well.  Sinatra is a pest.  He never rests, he is always demanding attention.  He is flair and drama.  When I ride him it is as if he is saying to the world, look at me, look at me.  Beyond the horses, I have found I really love having my own place.  The independence is amazing.  The work is exhausting (as is all horse work really).  The expenses never end but I am fortified by the fact that everything I do is for the future.  I am building a permanent place here.  The viewing room is now a premier place to hold clinics.  I have a great area for serving food and drinks.  The bathroom has a shower that people will die for.  There are tables and seating in the room for at least 30, a big screen for video and all heated with a speaker system throughout the property.  I can play Christmas music in the indoor and in the back outdoor arena you can be singing along!  I can't wait for the November TEAM clinic to hear Lendon's voice broadcast over 43 acres!
   That by the way is the next step in facility development-get people to know I am here!  To help with that I am glad to announce that Lendon has agreed to do a clinic here November 11/12th.  Be sure to go to the Dressage4kids.org website to sign up soon.  I have already started planning some amazing 'extras' for the clinic.  It is going to be EPIC I promise. I may have news soon about another clinic in July so stay tuned.
    One big thing about Michigan is that the grass is amazing.  I have to mow every day.  Seriously, it grows so fast and with 43 acres, I have to mow at least one pasture a day to stay on top of the mowing.  We have contests about our mowing skills. Grandma puts it in turtle mode and then does circles and her lines are a bit like snakes going over the hills.  Anthony does the beautiful angles across the area.  Mom is great at getting really close to the fence posts (quit hitting them mom).  I like to go really fast and mow the back pasture that is overgrown.  I feel like a pioneer back there.
    I have students!  I give lessons!  I never realized how much fun that would be.  Seriously, I never really thought of myself as a trainer.  I always just wanted to ride.  But now I realize how much you learn by teaching.  I come from a family of teachers and I guess the multiple learning style approach is genetically inputed into teacher's kids because I get a kick out of trying multiple ways to turn on light bulbs about dressage.
     Finally, check out my instagram and the video of Laurie Hernandez.  She is the sweetest and most talented girl ever.  She rocks. I am proud to have the privilege to call her friend! Watch her on Disney's 'the middle' soon.
     Now that my life has settled a bit.  I promise to write more often.  Promise!