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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I'm moving again!

   I haven’t written since my trip to Germany!  That is because my life has been in non-stop motion.  Some of it is really funny and I can’t wait to tell you.  After my family visit to Ingolstadt, I flew home for less than a week.  Then I was back to Europe again!  Three round trip flights in under 5 weeks.  I think my body had no clue of what time zone I was in.  I got a feeling for what it means to be ‘the walking dead!’ But I was back for two weeks of training with Daniel Martin DockxI learned so many great things in my time in Spain this summer.  I was lucky enough to get to go to a show and watch a competition (congrats Kerrigan).  
    Then it was back to work trying to get caught up at the barn while packing and boxing up my life.  Yes, I am moving again.  I have lived in three of the four corners of America in the last three years!  From Texas to Washington, then to Southern California, and now to Wellington, Florida!  All I need is a stop over in Maine and I have all the corners!  So amid boxes and sorting and the usual hassle of moving, I tried to get in some time to say good-bye to friends.  We went to a haunted house!  Those of you that know what a huge chicken I am will laugh at this.  I think even some Disney movies are scary and close my eyes during some rather terrifying scenes with Ursula.  But I felt brave enough to go surrounded by a group of big guys, which was my first mistake! Never ever has there been a bigger group of wimps.
    I am also eating as many tacos from Juanita’s tacos shop as I can get before I move.  If you are ever in the Carlsbad area you have to get there.  One of mom’s former students Fernando Carrillo, who came to help load my stuff in the Uhaul and drive everything to Florida, said they were the best tacos he has ever had.  That is saying something for a Hispanic whose mom is a known gourmet.  By the way, thanks Fernando for helping out.  What an adventure putting your feet in the Pacific and Atlantic within a week!  
The move was a real work in coordination! A week and a half ago all my belongings left for the trek to Florida.  I have been living in my apartment with nothing.  In fact, after the truck pulled out I realized I had no blankets, pillows, dishes or food. It was an adventure though.  My friends enjoyed playing cards and board games with me to pass the time in a completely empty apartment.  I realized getting older isn’t always fun.  I had to do the exit interview, take back the Uverse boxes and a dozen other little things you have to do when leaving an apartment.  The benefit about moving so often the last two years, you get some great packing skills. Packing the truck is the most important use of Geometry in your life as you try to find space to put everything.  Also you never know where it comes from but the things we accumulate around us grow and populate in the cupboards.  I mean where do we get so much stuff in just a year?  Do the utensils and plastic containers populate in the drawers?
    Anyways, I have never been to Wellington in the off season and most of my haunts are closed I am really excited for all the new adventures ahead this year; ok and to spend some time at Cilantro’s!  Hopefully I'll get some time to sit down and really write something for you all soon!