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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Kentucky Update

    Sjapoer arrived healthy, happy and very hungry.  After getting him settled into his suite at Reese’s (he lucked into the big mare and foal stall!) Jessica and I headed over to the Kentucky Horse Park to check on the Canadian horses that were arriving.  We helped get them settled in and after they tried to rope my mom on their team with a red maple leafed flag.  Monday, bright and early; (4 am Pacific Coast time for me) we were headed over to take care of the big guy.  He seemed a little stiff so the best massage therapist in town Jennifer Oliver came by and did some work on his neck.  We met her last year at NAJRYC when Sjapoer really wrenched his neck in transport and we had to have two massages a day all week.  So this year mom had her on call about a month before we came.  To show you what a small world this is, she knew exactly where Jeremy’s friend Reese’s place was because she has been doing their horses for about 6 years.  Her number if you need it in KY is 859-559-1315.
    Jessica and I did a little shopping.  I needed a black skirt for the jog outfit. We picked up the movie “The Call” from Redbox.  Holy Cow!  We had to stop the movie several times and then watch “Bewitched” afterward in order to go to bed.  What a surprise twist at the end.  Colby and his dad came over for dinner.  We had a lot of laughs talking smack about the US versus Canada water balloon fight on Wednesday.  Any American riders from any discipline at NAJYRC please come out and help defend the Red, White and Blue on Wednesday the 19th!  The food will be great too.  Mom’s making peach and brie quesadillas , her famous cucumber and tomato salad, chicken tortas and frozen key lime mousse cake.  Yum!  And don’t forget all EDAP people, ice cream social on Sunday night.
    After a light ride on SJ we headed over to the USDF and USEF offices to see if anyone needs any help.  It is getting a bit too relaxed just hanging at the house.  More horses are arriving every day so maybe we can help with set up.  Just give me a yell if you get here this week.  Then we decided to take SJ some Gatorade and bananas.  It was a little hot today and coming from Washington we have to watch his adjustment to this heat.  I want to make sure he is drinking a lot of water!  I also had to do several hours of homework.  One thing about being online schooled with K12, every year at KY I am finishing the semester and doing final exams and projects at the same time.  It’s a bit stressful.  Anyways, I made my famous pork chops on Thursday, garlic potatoes and corn on the cob.  I invited the early arrivals again.  Maybe we will have time for some board games.  We have Clue, Stratego, Scrabble and Risk here at the house.  There is also a pool table and a poker table.  I guess everyone is trying to artificially relax otherwise it would be a long two weeks until the competition.  Tonight’s movie will be “The Host.” Hopefully, it isn’t as scary as “The Call.”

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