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Sunday, January 6, 2013

EDAP Part 2

   Finally able to type this up, sorry its late! More to come later.

     I love the city of Wellington.  Everyone here smells like horses.  They sell carrots in 25lb bags at the grocery stores!  This place gives you dreams and hopes.  It also makes you realize you have to work harder.  You have to train harder.  You have to commit more to achieve your dreams.      

 I sat by the pool today, trying to tan in 72 degree overcast weather.  It was wonderful.  I think today was my calm before the storm; the last day to relax.  New Year’s Day will be filled with airport pickups, barn duties, laundry, meetings, and finishing art project gifts I am making for everyone. 

     I want to take a moment to send a giant Thank You to Ally Brock.  When I suddenly found myself without a horse to ride for the clinic she jumped in with the organizational skills of a General to find one for me.  Hours later, I was already in the saddle.  Although, in the end EDAP found me a great horse from Rick Silva’s barn; I want to thank Anne Friedlander for offering me the use of her lovely Royal. A big shout out to Marcel Van de Burgh for arranging it! 

    It is amazing how everyone in Wellington opens up their hearts and homes to Junior and Young riders.  I look at all the programs like EDAP, the HSEA program and the Elite Dressage Clinic and I am amazed.  The adults in the dressage world have worked hard to create new programs and new opportunities to improve dressage in this country.  The other girls here and I are deeply in debt to all those who came before.  I hope we can all build on this wave and make America a premier dressage nation.

    Happy New Year and I promise to have lots of information from Wellington this week!  My horoscope for 2013 says it is my year!  So if it is supposed to be better than the amazing one I had in 2012 I am bounding forward with stars in my eyes and rainbows in the sky.

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