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Friday, January 18, 2013


     Day three at EDAP dawned with aching muscles and the need for serious spa time.  My body cried for a massage and my core hurt so badly I knew I’d be bobbing like one of those dashboard toys in the saddle that day; and I actually started preparing for Bob weeks before the clinic.  I do some intense plank work and was bragging to Bob about I can easily do a 2 minute plank. I did forget that I was extremely sore, so that when he took me up on my plank challenge I failed miserably.

     Interestingly I think the shared ‘suffering’ through Bob’s morning workouts is one of the biggest team builders in the program.  For the rest of my life, whenever I see anyone from EDAP; I will be able to smile a secret knowing grin and commiserate on our shared survival.  I will moan about the pains, smile at the memory of working with other riders, and covet Genay’s amazingly cool workout pants. Among the survivors and even for future participants, Bob is legend.  I think it is great; so Bob, in spite of all our complaining…keep it up!

     That day I rode for Jan Ebeling.  I think he has done so much for our sport this year.  Even though he was forced into a spotlight not of his own making; it has helped to bring attention to Dressage beyond the equestrian world.  I think of all the tough questions and scrutiny he had to face.  I think of the really tough questions that had and could have had very lasting effects and it makes me think about the consequences of everything I say and do every day.  With all that in mind I went into the lesson with the highest regard not only for Jan as a trainer but for so much more.

     Robert Dover had spoken to Jan about our discussion on training horses to show them quickly in a light, supple and uphill frame.  We spent the hour really developing thoroughness and uphill carriage.  By the end of the lesson, my already aching muscles were asking to be put on another person.  They wanted to abandon me.  I am even ashamed to say I slouched in the saddle when talking to Jan.  I didn’t have the strength to stay straight and tall.  However, once the photo of me with such bad posture hit FB I will never slouch during a lesson or clinic AGAIN! Lesson learned. 

     Off we went to a combined lecture with the George Morris Horsemastership clinic.  One thing I have to say about the jumper people; they coordinate.  They always are dressed in their matching shirts and hats.  There really is a lot we can learn from them or that we can learn together.  We had a really interesting lecture from their ‘go to’ farrier.  Beyond the lecture information I was proud of the eventers.  They sat at attention and paid attention throughout the entire event. 

     Friday night was girl’s bonding night out.  Cilantro’s for amazing sandwiches (no polo boys) and then a few rounds of bowling.  We were all having fun sharing stories, giggling and getting to know each other as people outside of riding and the competition arena.  I was very impressed to discover that Asia has some serious bowling skills. 

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