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Sunday, January 6, 2013

EDAP Continued...

The first full day of the EDAP clinic began at a bright and early 5:30 am!  Genay and I are staying together at Jen Baumert’s house.  It was so fun to go to bed giggling over silly things and wake up full of expectations.  Neither of us had a horse to ride yet so we were both anxious about what the day would bring. 

     Genay’s horse arrived first.  Wilson is a lovely I-1 competitor with the sweetest owner around.  She stayed most of the day to help us, watch the riding and take lots of photos.  There was a bit of mix up with the horse sent for me and he came missing tack and with the wrong bridle so my anxiety went up a few notches.  He was a lovely chestnut and I joked about him being the first redhead I had ever ridden.  I discovered years ago when looking back at my horse selection that I favor bays!  Strange how that works isn’t it.  I always imagined I would have a big black horse like Black Beauty or the Black Stallion. 

     Anyway I was riding for Tina Konyot at noon.  At 10am Brandi Roenick was riding with her, at 11am Genay Vaughn was riding for her also, so I was coming after that illustrious grouping.  Well things didn’t go well; as they sometimes do and I learned a valuable lesson.  Tina gave me some amazing encouragement and told Lendon that she needed to find me another horse or she would let me ride Collect V instead.  Fortunately, Rick Silva came to the rescue and brought me Renoir, a lovely horse that rode in the Young Rider European Championship last year.  He was ridden by a young Italian guy.  When I told the girls this they were more interested to know if he was coming to watch than about the horse!

     After a great lecture (as usual) by Dr. Susser on visualization, focus, practicing and setting goals we were off to dinner.  I spotted Eleni in the parking lot at the restaurant and Genay and I rounded up a few more EDAP strays (including Emily Smith) and we had a great dinner at Backstreet.  The homemade chicken noodle soup was fab.

     Off to bed to dream of my ride with Robert Dover in the morning.

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