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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Flying to Florida

         My standby flight on Southwest from Seattle was flawless! Cara Pasieka is the greatest. I wouldn’t be here without her sponsorship. Thank you Southwest Airlines.  I will admit that I forgot my ticket at home and my amazingly wonderful boyfriend ran back to get it for me at 5:30 am!  When I stepped off the plane I was met with 82 degree weather, sunshine and relatives I have never met! I had fun riding around on my Great Uncle Clyde’s golf cart and playing with Bella (a super-cute Jack Russell Terrier).  After a slow morning, we drove to Wellington and started to settle in.  Wellington, Florida is such a great experience for horse people.  It is the only place I know where you can go everywhere in boots and breeches and you blend in!  The tack shops actually have everything you might need; even for dressage! 

     The horse I was to ride in the clinic fell through; so I spent the day trying to find a new one to ride.  Luckily, my amazing coach Jeremy contacted his friend Ally and I am going this morning to try a few horses.  Keep your fingers crossed for me today! 

      The tentative schedule for the clinic starts with an introduction meeting on Tuesday night January 1st.  Every morning at 7 am we start the day with an intense workout.  Last year, I have to admit, I vomited on the first day it was so tough!  After the morning workout, from 8am-12 each of the 12 riders have a 45 minute lesson.  The 12 riders are divided between two clinicians each day.  On Wednesday the trainers are Tuny Page and Tina Konyot; on Thursday Katherine Chandler and Robert Dover; on Friday Robert Dover again and Jan Ebeling; and finally on Saturday Michael Barisone and Courtney Dye.

     Each afternoon after a group lunch there are lectures until 4 pm.  One thing I am definitely looking forward to is dinner at Hampton Green on Friday night.  Last year, it was a highlight of the clinic.  We played the game high-low.  This is a game where all the participants said the best thing that experienced during the week and the hardest. 

     Well I am off to have a waffle and get ready to ride! 

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