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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Second Day of Convention

     My second day at the USDF Convention began with the Region 6 recap meeting.  We all got together to give a quick sound bite on every committee meeting from the day before.   Several interesting current and future debates revolved around changing the bit checking format so volunteers don’t have to stick their fingers in unfamiliar horse’s mouths and some by law changes.  I felt quite helpful recapping the three youth and FEI Jr/YR meetings.  It was fulfilling to be useful and to present to the region.  The afternoon was filled with a long and formal presentation of the budget, bylaws and rule change requests.  Lots of boring voting on minutes and other details I admit to vegging out on at times. However, I did realize that lots of work gets done at the convention that affects many of us as riders and trainers that we aren’t even present to participate on! 

     All the long details were intermingled with keeping people awake with GMO Basket give aways.  A moment of humor occurred when the Kentucky Dressage Associations Bourbon filled basket went to the only underage person to win a basket; me!  I skipped down the aisle to peals of laughter.  However, I gave the alcohol to the USDF Staff who deserved to have a little celebration after all their hard work.  After we cruised through nearly two days of details in several hours (it was an unusually debate free BOG I hear); it was off to dinner with Jessica Hainsworth and her mom. 

     One of the things I love about the convention is getting to see friends from all over the country.  Jessica and I met last year at the EDAP clinic in Florida and haven’t seen each other in nearly a year.  We got to talk about horses, school, parents, boys and our future plans.  It was a great dinner.  Then off to do homework and to bed early for the 8 am youth breakfast in the morning.

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