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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Holiday Spirit!

    So lots of good news to report this week!  I think my back is finally over the hump. I am not in constant pain and I am eagerly looking to get back in the saddle pretty soon.  Sjapoer has been getting cranky and I think he misses me riding him.  Although I go to the barn multiple times a day to take care of him; it isn’t the same.
    We had a Christmas party for the whole barn at Ridgemar.  It was neat. They had BBQ, square dancing, and a pit fire.  It was fun to see all the people you pass in the barn aisle, or in the arena out of the saddle and enjoying themselves.
    My mom finally made it to CALI! She finished grading her student’s exams last Thursday. I guess after the ice days in Texas it was a bit stressful for students and faculty.  I can’t wait to start next semester here myself.  Although I think snow days for finals are highly unlikely in Southern California.
    Being around my mom is always like a breath of air. She is full of energy, positive vibes and constant smiles; but sometimes the air moves really fast a pushes.  Luckily I have learned it is always with good intentions to help others.  She has some sort of teacher gene and tries to help everyone around her to become more all the time.  
    Anyway more great news was that Genay and my flights to EDAP on New Year’s Eve both connect through DFW and continue on the same flight! So my big sis and I are going to get to celebrate for a few hour layover in DFW and the flight to West Palm Beach.  We get in at around 11:35 PM! Mom said she is going to have some sort of girl’s New Years event planned.  I hope she knows by 12:05 Genay and I have to crash so that we are ready for an early day at the GDF grounds. 
    I met a really great girl Anna Buffini.  She and I went shopping and to the Hobbit movie the other day.  I hope we can manage time for more social stuff before I have to leave for Florida.  She will be doing Young Riders this year and will be stiff competition.  I think the breadth of our sport, particularly among youth riders is really growing.  Thank you USDF, USEF, EDAP and all those who have been working so tirelessly to make it so.
    Mom and I are going to the barn this morning, then to do shopping for Christmas!  I can’t wait to take mom to Mary’s Tack shop.  I want to entice her with the dozens of colors of Polo Wraps.  I want to emulate my former trainer Shauntel Bryant and have Polo wraps of all colors to match my pads and outfit.  It just looked so professional.  Also mine are getting awful raggedy.  Does anyone have a method to keep them looking newer?  I once read this joke list on 10 ways to know you are dating a horse person.  I think I should add “their Christmas and birthday present lists, are always lists of things their horse needs.”  

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  1. Merry Christmas to you, Lisa and Sjapoer! Best wishes for a healthy and successful 2014! You Go Girl!
    Blessings and Cheers,
    Michelle J Powell