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Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Well it has been a very busy few days. The last two days I spent boxing all my belongings up to move from a one bedroom apartment in P201 to a two bedroom in the next building! I really thought it would take only an hour or two. But I swear things just populate in the closet. And then you get distracted when you find a box of old pictures, or that necklace you couldn't find anywhere and thought you had lost. So we boxed everything up, carried it down steps over the parking lot and then up stairs. Luckily Colby came down from Canada to help or mom and I would still be moving boxes. Ok, honestly mom would still be. I would have given in to overwhelming defeat.
Thursday and Friday were full of very new experiences for me. I went to Oregon to DevonWood Equestrian center to give speeches! On Thursday I spoke at the USDF Region 6 Oregon Dressage Society's summer youth camp. The campers slept out in tents above the arenas and woke up with a view at X! I wish I had lived up here when I was younger. I met so many amazing kids. At lunch I gave my first ever speech in front of people. I mean I gave them in school but everyone had to. Here I was it. I spoke about the many programs that helped me to succeed in dressage. I passed out fliers with the website addresses (that I have given you guys here on my site before). I hope everyone applies, applies, applies. Don't forget to get your friends to do so as well. That night mom and I were invited to dinner by Lindsey Savoy and Christiana Logan and their mom's. Carol Jackson and Gaye McCabe came as well and took us to this great deli and bakery. It reminded me of the ones in Gladstone with the huge cakes in the display cases. Yum! I sat up until 10:30 with Christiana at the pool talking about everything and nothing. It was fun. I hope we stay in touch. Friday I volunteered at the Glisan Street Saddlery USDF/ODS Jr/YR Team Dressage Championships. We have all done this before. However, it was a really smooth and easy show, even with three rings because they have invented something really amazing; required volunteering! Even the adults had to volunteer at some point in the show. So there were always more than enough bodies to get the jobs done without the one or two organizers (and those perpetual volunteers we love) having to do everything. I met some more girls and even gave out some warm up tips. I hope they help you Emily! I gave another talk at dinner and I think I was a lot less nervous the second time. Afterward a lot of girls came up to ask questions. And seriously girls, if you have any more email, FB, chat on my blog. I am here for you guys! Like I said, my dressage schedule doesn't really leave a lot of time for a social life.
One thing to all the riders out there who are asking parents to support their riding. This is an expensive sport. Parents want to help and are willing to sacrifice to help us achieve our dreams but only if you put in the effort and dedication. It is a lot to ask, don't forget to thank them regularly and let them know how much you love riding, what it does for you and that you are grateful they make it happen.
Jeremy was home all week and a bit out of commission. Everyone at the barn was away at a horse show so no one else was in town. So I got to spend the first real 'social' time with him. It was really great. I think, like my partnership with Sjapoer, Jeremy and I are growing on each other and our partnership is evolving. I am learning to do whatever he says! I bought longer shorts (the stuff in fashion today is unprofessional he says)! I cut off about 8 inches of my hair as it was getting in the way. It actually touched the saddle. I will say I miss it a bit but I like the lightness of the shorter cut. I got layers for the first time in years and at first I didn't like them but they are growing on me. He really notices details and tries to give me advice on how to be a successful professional in this business; not just a good rider.
Finally, its time to start turning to the fall and school. This becoming an adult thing is becoming more and more time consuming! Mom and I are headed down to Seattle so I can show her campus. Maybe we will make it over to the famous market today.

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