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Friday, May 26, 2017

Summer is almost here.  The youngsters have settled in quite nicely.  They were a little overly attached when they first arrived but we worked through their separation anxiety.  The shippers when they arrived here said they have never had two horses bond so quickly and so deeply in transit.  I guess because they were held in Germany, transported to Amsterdam, flown over to NY together, held in quarantine and then driven to Battle Creek together their mutual trauma over those events had them clinging to each other for support.  A big reminder that our animals have emotions and responses just like we do but use a different language to communicate it.  Do not think this means they are 'difficult or bad' horses.  You just have to communicate their way and help them with their issues.  I guess that makes us all horse psychologists!  Anyway I borrowed another horse for a few weeks from Andrea Landis to help them get re-aquainted with being a 'herd.'  I also had in several horses from Albion college for a few days including a schoolmaster I have for the summer named Romulus -so the barn was full for a bit.  This really helped them to adjust and they have now settled in very nicely.  Fuego is a big guy with a lot of power but such a scaredy cat.  Sinatra is that horse who is annoying but you love because of his quirks.  Every day I feel closer to them and because I do all of their care myself, every day they have begun to see me as their security place.

I have been doing a lot of work making some changes to the facility and just the general unending upkeep and maintenance of having your own place is the most demanding job I have ever had.  The grass here literally needs to be cut the day after I finish all 43 acres.  I have been cleaning the sky lights on the arena the last three days and I think I am only one third of one side done.  You never realize how long an arena is until you see it from the roof top perspective.  Fiberglass breaks really easily so I am caulking as I go and dreaming of the day I can afford to replace it.

Everywhere I look I love this place and I dream of its amazing and unlimited potential.  Most of all I love the peace and contentment I find just looking at all the green.  I never would have thought before that Michigan was so beautiful.  I always just thought of it as a winter land of endless snow and ice.  The winter really wasn't that bad and the spring and fall so far have been spectacular.  I have turkeys and deer on the property and they love to visit.  I have raccoons in the barn that I will have to do something about soon.  There are so many birds that every morning I wake up to a serenade of different songs, like a dozen bands all playing concerts at the same time in the same key.

I have several students now but the first was sent to me by Lendon..THANKS.  Her name is Anna King and I can't wait to see her grow in her riding.  I think I get more nervous about giving her lessons than I ever did with my own riding lessons.

I stopped in at a recent EDAP clinic in St. Joseph, Michigan.  London had me chat with the kids for a few minutes and I really enjoyed being able to meet so many great up and coming young riders.  I am awed every time I help with any youth work in America, how much Lendon has changed the very face of dressage in America.

Well that should catch y'all up a bit and if you want I will get back to regularly blogging about life at Flyaway.  I will admit that a lot of funny things happen here.  Like grandma not understanding the concept of a zero turn mower and making crop circles out in the pastures because she didn't realize you have to push the handles evenly together.  When she did, then we realized how crooked her eye must be because her lines look like SSSSSSS's across the pastures.  It is hilarious.  So I'll fill you in with more stories from the great North soon.

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  1. This is very inspiring! I can see you being recognized as the best trainer in the entire world in 5 years! I can see you writing books, owning your YouTube channel, giving seminars, and training the best riders in the world. You Truly Inspire Me! God Bless! Angel.