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Friday, July 24, 2015

Back to California

    I am back in California!  I got to fly home with Sjapoer and I was really excited about that.  I have a few new concerns now though.  For example, in case of an air pressure drop – there are no masks for the horses. What’s up with that? I think I will have to noodle on that.  There are also no life rafts for them.  I had a plan to tie SJ to the raft so he could swim alongside us until we were rescued.  I spent a good part of the flight plotting how I would save him. I sometimes curse my wild imagination.
    Anyway, I have had a truly enlightening and empowering trip, but I am glad to be home.  I got to LAX last Tuesday. The apartment complex I stay in got renovated while I was in Florida and it looks great.  I am glad to be back with my roomie; grandma! I missed her smoothiesI have already eaten at my favorite taco shop ,Juanita’s, so everything is fitting back into a routine quite quickly. I am excited to begin the next phase of work and training.    Congratulations to all the other USA team competitors this summer across Europe and the Americas.  I have been honored to be even a small part of this explosion of the red, white and blue. Congrats to all my friends and fellow competitors at NAJYRC! 
    Definitely can say I like the SoCal weather better than anywhere else in America.  I do miss the green and the hazy mist of Washington and those 45 days of the best season on the planet.  But for overall broad perfection I can see why California is so expensive.  You pay for the weather.  Heading up to Oregon to visit my Nike family this weekend.  Exciting!  Have to go to New Student Orientation in Texas even though I have been going to school online!  
   But it is time to focus on being my best for Christine and Sjapoer!

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