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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

And we are off!

   The packing continues! I was standing in a pile of endless polo wraps, blankets, and boots thinking to myself; I have something to cover any possible event or emergency that might arise for Sjapoer.  Yet, I am taking a bottle of aspirin and a few bandaids for me.  
    Sjapoer has just been loaded onto the transport and is headed to the airport!  On our last riding day in Florida, we had the opportunity to go canter on the track at Palm Beach Equine.  It was so nice to be able to stretch Sjapoer's legs before he left. Mom had been spoiling him with treats and had been banned from giving him any more. She enjoys turning Sjapoer into a Cookie Monster. Every time she comes to visit in the past four years we are usually packing to move somewhere; it is so common that the animals get all excited and feel displaced when she comes because they know something is up.  Odessa, my little schnauzer saw mom in the parking lot when she arrived, grandma was out walking her, and she heard mom’s voice and made a beeline for the car and stood at the door waiting to head out!  It was really funny.
    Speaking of moving, today I say goodbye to Wellington.  What a unique place for the equestrian world.  The format of packing so many shows into one place in such a short time is really intense.  It is also challenging, demanding and a whole new level of well ‘everything.’  Like everything it has its goods and not so good things.  It can be demanding yet distracting. It can be rewarding yet defeating.  But I would suggest anyone who can manage to have a season here or even part of one to do so.  It is a great teacher, a great eye opener and you will learn a lot about yourself and our sport.
    I am beginning to get the excited nerves about the new adventure ahead.  I am excited to get to spend time with my teammates and get to know one another. Friendship to me is one of the greatest benefits of life.  I hope we can get a little down time in Germany to spend bonding and developing those friendships. Auf Wiedersehen!

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