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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Road Trip!

I went back to Texas!  I came to my old stomping grounds at the Great Southwest Equestrian Center in Katy for the CDI.  I was lucky enough to catch a ride down with Endel Ots and his horses. 

The weather there wasn't nearly as brutal as the South Florida humidity.  I think SJ approved. Leslie Rohrer of the Houston Dressage Society arranged for us to stay at the totally awesome Isabella farms.  The arena was great (the mirrors are amazing), the grass was lush, the stalls big and the giant shade trees were everywhere. 

Grandma and I crashed at the hotel eating Chili's to go and catching up on sleep.  The last few weeks in Wellington were tough because with everyone leaving it seemed like a endless week of goodbyes.  I am so thankful to Kim Boyer and HGF for my season in Wellington.  HGF is so beautiful and the girls and I had a lot of fun learning and growing together.  I was excited for this weekend to see some of my old friends and I made some great new ones.  

Heading in the truck for 17 hours back to Wellington. Can't wait for whatever new adventures are ahead and it seems not so scary knowing that Albert Court and Christine are there somewhere soon! 

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