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Friday, August 8, 2014

On the road again!

This week was to be action packed with travel, responsibilities and fun.  But things have gone all wonky.  The Region 6 overnight dressage youth camp at Devonwood was delayed.  It is being rescheduled for another week in August but I won’t get to make it then.  I was really looking forward to sleeping in a tent with Genay, getting to meet some more young dressage lovers, and showing the Nike representative what our dressage youth can do.  But I get three more days with Sjapoer, yeah!  Saturday I am headed up to LA though!  I am so thankful for getting to be a part of the Teen Choice Awards.
I can’t wait to tell the youth magazine journalists about dressage!  I can only imagine the questions they will ask.  I will have to pull out all the analogies I have used in the past.  You guys know, I am sure you have used them too.  “Have you ever seen the white horses at the Spanish riding school, or at medieval time’s dinner theater.”  One of my other favorites is “do you remember the Romney’s horse in the last election?  I do that sport that Stephen Colbert joked about.” The awards are being broadcast on Nickelodean and start at 12:30 PST if you want to watch.  I’ll try to wave if I get on camera.
I drive up to LA on Saturday afternoon, after riding.  I will stay with Sheryl my agent and another of her athletes Nastia Luikin.  I am really excited to meet Nastia.  She is only a few years older than me and won Gold in gymnastics.  She is also from Texas!  I hope to pick her brain about so many things.
I have been on a hunt for something to wear this weekend for a month.  So I scoured the malls, the markets in Spain and my closet and came up with a unique alternative.  I actually bought it about a year ago and have never worn it.
Monday when I get back to Carlsbad I have only 2 days to see SJ and then it is off to Ingolstadt, Germany for 10 days to visit my father’s family.  My Opa is old and I haven’t seen him in a few years with all my riding, school and competition obligations.  My German cousin Antonia even has a one year old baby named Rafael.   He looks just like my dad when he was young; white blond hair, round face, blue eyes and pink cheeks.  I really really hate missing this many days with SJ but family is first.
I will post a lot of pictures from this weekend on all of my social media so keep a look out!

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