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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Quick Update!

Today’s blog is a more a list of little events and comments than a story or lesson.
First, I want to say again good luck to everyone in Kentucky at NAJRYC.  I really miss being there with everyone.  
Second, the nostalgia of missing is slightly lessened as I am off on a girl’s trip to Spain with my mother, her friend Dr. Julie Harrelson-Stephens (also my frequent family photographer), and my friend Jessica Hainsworth (also my amazing sidekick and groom).  I’m packing beachwear, swanky dinner wear, and stuff with sleeves for the cathedrals and museums that I know I will get dragged into.  One great and one bad thing about going anywhere with two professors; they actually know historical stuff and art stuff and political stuff about everywhere you go and they want to see it.  That can be a bit too much like school for a teenager, but it is actually (but don’t tell them) sometimes pretty cool to get the scoop on what the crumbling rocks were once all about.  Also Julie is an amazing shopping partner.  She and I are more alike in many ways than mom and I on the whole fashion, shopping, and general awareness of anything fashion forward leaning.
Third, when I get back it is only a matter of days until I am off to the Region 6 youth camp at Devonwood.  I am really excited for so many reasons; the facility is beautiful, I get to spend three days with Genay (amazing), I get to help 70 campers in whatever way I can about dressage and we get to sleep in a tent!  Ok, I am not sure about how Genay and I are going to do with that but if our friendship survives sleeping bags, the ground and a shared shower stall I think we are in for life!
Sorry it has been such an uneventful week but Sjapoer and I have been really working on a lot this week and I hope to get to update you on that soon.
Finally, for my dad the German soccer player who left all thepretzles, bier, and lederhosen behind to come to America to follow my mom (which I am glad he did or I wouldn’t be here)……GOOOOAAAALLLLL GOTZE and Deutschland uberalles!
Congratulations and enjoy the celebrations in Texas with all your old soccer buddies dad.  

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