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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I'm Coming Home

So much to share with everyone this week!  I had my first photo shoot.  Elma Garcia-Cannavino the highly acclaimed photographer graciously rearranged her schedule and on less than a week’s notice brought her whole crew out to Albert Court for a full day of action.  I never realized photography required so much equipment.  Everything is so technical now.  Her computer guy James was really amazing.  I think he may have my grandmother convinced to actually get rid of her old film camera and try digital!  Grandma was in her element being everyone’s ‘assistant.’  She ran for water.  She wiped Sjapoer’s mouth.  If you know my grandmother’s extreme fear of horses you would know what a big deal that is.  She has been trying to conquer her fear for years and I think Sjapoer is growing on her.  We did so many different settings and backdrops.  Nike was really amazing and had (on a day’s notice) a blanket made and shipped down for SJ so he could wear his official Nike gear too!  Christine and I had a really great time on our dual shots.  She is so beautiful.  Elma kept raving about her cheekbones.  Christine said she had a sister that was a model.  I could see that!  
I am heading to Texas this weekend.  My yearly visit home for eye doctors and dentists and the dreaded physical is upon me.  I fly down really late Thursday so I can ride Thursday morning.  Friday is a day for appointments and then Friday night we are driving out to the lake house.  Mom is throwing a really late graduation/19th birthday party for me.  I think it was just an excuse so that I can see everyone at one time.  I only have one day and really want to see everyone.  So if all y’all Texans in DFW have Saturday off come on out.  FB, text or message me for directions and info!  We will be playing sand volleyball, swimming, having a BBQ and a bonfire.  I have to head back to town Saturday night to fly home Sunday and probably won’t be back for at least another year.  That is one of the really tough parts about living and training away from home.  Friendships at a distance are hard to maintain.  They take a lot more work and commitment than the ease of the person next door.  I have been blessed to have so many great friends all over the country who really stay as close as we can.  
I bought my tickets to Gladstone and to Hampton Green Farms for my June trips. I have to thank the KWPN-NA for awarding me the 2014 Willy Arts Grant for developing young pairs.  This money is going to allow me to travel to some really great competitions and educational events this year.  I am so excited to see Anna, Bebe and all my friends compete at the Festival of Champions.  It is going to be a new one for me going to a competition I am not competing in, however Sheryl Shade and I have coordinated some exciting things I can’t wait to share with you.  This summer is going to be crazy busy.  I hope to be taking a buying trip to Germany this summer.  As so many of you know I really need a new horse and that is the number one priority for me and my support team this year.  Then in the fall Nike is coming with me to the WEG! We haven’t worked out all the details yet but this is really exciting.  It will be a chance to show our industry off at its finest.
Next blog from Texas! I hear they already had triple digit weather this week.  I may have to rethink my suitcase. 

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  1. Wow! Sounds like a pretty awesome week!
    PS is there an email address I could contact you at?