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Monday, April 21, 2014

Some updates!

Sorry I am a bit late this week with my blog. This has been a week as crazy as only show season can be!  Throw in a few holidays and my grandmother's birthday and I am lucky to be breathing!

I got asked to speak at Lendon Gray's youth event in Michigan June 27th and 28th.  I am really excited. I am getting better at public speaking with practice.  It makes me more nervous then riding in competition. I am so grateful to Lendon for single handedly giving me so many opportunities to get better at it!  I may be outgoing but I am not a natural speaker.  Thanks also for letting me give back to EDAP.  I hope to meet so many new youth riders in Michigan. My mother is actually from there but I have never been so its doubly exciting for me.

Also this week, World Cup in Lyon..wow record breaking!  I have to give a shout out to my friend Bebe Davis who got to experience it all first hand with her family's horse Van the Man.  I can only imagine the atmosphere and trying to ride with spotlights, tens of thousands of spectators and the pressure!

On a side note Devon Wycoff suggested we talk about dealing with show pressures next time with FOC and NAJYRC coming soon.  She sent me her tips and I have mine, but I thought that if anyone (rider or not) had a tip or hint on dealing with show pressures please email me or FB me this week.  I will compile them for next weekend, at which time I will actually be at a show in Del Mar riding my first I1!

I took grandma to the beach for her birthday.  It is interesting because she lives here with me we have a really unusual relationship for most grandparents and grand kids. I see her every day.  We eat together every day and we talk.  But also we are each others family when no one else is here.  So I got to organize the cake, the early shipping of everyone's presents and the plans.

Finally,  today in honor of the first running if the Boston Marathon after last years bombings Nike is donating 1 dollar for every mile run and logged on the Nike+ running app today.  So I bugged my mom to tell her students and I am posting everywhere.  Run today and then log onto the app and record the miles under #STRONGEREVERYRUN to help out.  I plan on heading out this afternoon.  Mom is actually going to run from 5:30 to 6:30 in the university gym!  She never sweats in front of students if she can help it so that's fun! So go get up and get a start running into your summer beach body, help out and be part of the fun today.


  1. I'm so excited you are coming to Michigan!!!! I'll have to show you around the beautiful beaches of Lake Michigan if time permits. :)

  2. I study laws, so I'll have to speak in front of people eventually, to prepare for it, I started going to an english debate club, I think practise is really the best way to improve, Cicero one of the greatest speakers of old rome is said to go to the sea and scream there against the waves
    anyway keep up the good work ♥