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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Birthday Week!

Friday was my 19th birthday!  My family has a tradition of having cake for breakfast and opening presents at the beginning of the day and not at night with dinner.  I think my mom started it because she could never wait.  She has no patience, but she said it was to start the day great!  I have to agree it starts things out right.  
Since I left home at 16 I haven’t had a birthday with my parents since then.  I have to admit it is one of the bigger sacrifices for the great opportunities I have to train out West.  It is strange that you don’t really think about it until you don’t have your family there with you for your special days.  Then when it happens it kind of stinks.  But we have come up with some creative ways over the years to celebrate together.  This year my mom took cake to one of her classes.  They took a video with everyone singing happy birthday to me.  They were actually pretty good. I hope the cake was payment enough for the performance. When I got up the morning of my birthday it was already posted on FB so I woke up to singing!  My grandmother had gotten cake here too so I ate cake here (with the two hour time difference) at around the same time they were in Texas.  I want to send them a warning that mom’s exams are really really tough.  Hear THS dual credit students have their first one Monday.  All I can say to you guys is, “may the odds be ever in your favor!”
I think my parents went a little crazy on posting old photos of me online.  I think they are starting to feel the full effect of me growing up away from home.  The empty nest is becoming more long term now that I am 19 and won’t come home as a kid again. I have to say I am glad they restrained from getting out any of the fat baby, or naked baby, or bath tub baby type photos.  Ugh!  Why do all parents love those?
I am going shopping today with Grandma at Nordstrom Rack to try to find an outfit to wear up to Oregon next weekend.  I am going to visit the Nike Campus!  I am so excited.  I will finally get to meet everyone and I can’t even begin to imagine all the great things I will see.  Sheryl is meeting me there and I’ll definitely keep everyone informed to any news they have for me.  For now I just swing between imagining all the possibilitiesand being terrified I’ll say the wrong thing or let people down.  I will be spending next week deciding what to pack for the Nike trip.
We didn’t do anything exciting Friday night.  I was at the CDI in San Juan after taking care of the horses at ACL while everyone was away.  There was a huge traffic jam on 5 and it took hours to get home.  I could never have imagined when I lived back in Joshua a highway with literally 12 lanes being like a parking lot of stopped cars as far as the eye could see.  So after going back to the barn to blanket we called in our favorite order (sausage penne and a Kelly pizza) to Crust and picked it up on the way home.  Crust is this really great Italian place just at the bottom of the hill from our apartment in Carlsbad.  If you are ever out here, stop in. Yum!!!
One amazing thing that happened this weekend was that I took a stalker type picture of Mitt Romney.  He was at the CDI watching his wife ride and I got a photo for my grandma.  Next time I will have to work up the courage to ask for a photo with him.  OK, I know it is geeky to stalk politicians instead of celebrities in California but I come from Texas and a very (loud) political family.  I know his wife has health issues with having MS so it was inspiring to hear she is out riding dressage! Anna had another solid ride this weekend I hear.  I unfortunately didn’t get to see it!  Sorry Anna!

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