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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Every day choices

So lots of students every year in middle school, high school and college ask themselves questions about what they should study.  Which classes are required? What do I need to take to finish my goals?  What do I want to take?
So with all the discussion lately about education for athletes, maybe we should look today not at the big picture of to go or not to go but the question of everyday choices.  Like if I have to take a foreign language what should I take?  Lots of these types of questions can actually help you along your path to the final goal in our industry; whatever your goals are.  Just think about how to tailor classes that may even be required to help you with your goals.  For example, if you have to take a foreign language and you want to be a doctor or something in the heavy sciences; take Latin.  It will help you in Med School!  If you want to train as a dressage rider you might think about German.  If you want to run a huge Eventing barn in Texas you may want to study Spanish.  I guess what I am saying is don’t just take French because your best friend is in the class or sign language because you heard the teacher was an easy A.  Take classes to help you achieve your future goals.  Those choices can really start as early as middle school.  You can also tailor other classes too.  For example, if you have to take two PE credits as a rider you may want to take Pilates or Yoga to work on your core.  You may want to take ballet for balance.  Bowling might be fun or easier but you aren’t getting as much benefit for your long term goal.  If you have to take an economics or accounting; try to take small business accounting instead of personal finance.  That way when you are trying to run your own barn you will have a clue how to do so.  
Start to look around at every day choices.  Ask yourself how or if each one can help you with your long term goals?  Is there an option that advances that goal? Take that option.  It is all of the dozens of little every day choices that over the long term really add up to giving you the base of support for your goals.
Well I am off to pick my spot on the couch with Grandma and my two dogs (Odessa and Avery) to watch all the Olympic excitement. And please give big shout outs and support to Jamie Greubel (bobsled), Steve Langton (bobsled), Erin Hamlin (luge) and Nick Goepper (slopestyleskiing)!   Check your viewing area for times but this week Monday I believe is the women’s luge and Thursday is slopestyle skiing!  Ok and while the team opening ceremony uniforms have been drawing some controversy.  I have to say the silver jacket for Medal ceremonies, Nike's Aeroloft 800 Summit; I WANT IT! Online it also comes in blue! The USA on the back uses something called lenticular fabric which changes color; so cool!
Go Team USA in Sochi!!

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