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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Going stir-crazy!

    So my sciatic nerve is still a problem.  This long term recovery thing is going to drive be bonkers.  I will admit that I have learned a few things about myself.  First, I despise being inside the house all day.  I feel anxious, jittery, and incomplete if I am not at the barn.  My soul needs its place of happiness, comfort and refilling.  Do you have a place like that?  For my mom I think it is the garden (or the library).  For my grandma; wherever her family is.  She wants to be with us and part of our lives.  I think it is neat how everyone has a different way to recharge and a different core thing that motivates them and is their focus.  I am lucky to have found mine so early and to be able to follow that path of satisfaction and contentment.
    Ok so maybe lying around is giving me too much time to think.  I have watched every movie on Netflix that I have any desire to ever see and then some.  I have played Sims until I have an entire life built for every one of my friends, family and perhaps every person I have ever met. 
    I have been to an Orthopedic Specialist, the ER doctor, a chiropractor and two therapists.  They all say the same thing; wait, don’t rush, core exercises and stay out of the saddle!  I can tell you 100% I am going to be the poster child for core development once I am healthy.  Lookout gym; I will be living to defeat you.  Hopefully, I will be healthy enough to have a few weeks to get ready for Bob’s EDAP morning work outs.  I have already been on the web for hours designing a new program.
  I had thought before that I was in good shape.  With riding so many hours, eating really healthy and working out I never imagined I was putting myself at any disadvantage with a lack of a certain area development.  I was worried and working on overall fitness.  This has always been really important to me and my family.  My dad is a bit of a health nut and when I was little he even had me watching my sodium intake and tried to get me hooked on cucumber water and all manner of things!  I have a strong core from riding and I love planks!  But the specialist tell me there are certain moves and very specific exercises that I should be doing twice a day to help extend my time in the saddle not only daily but long term in my life.  
    I am getting excited about seeing Genay soon maybe!  She may fly down to work on some projects we are coordinating.  I also want to give a quick shout out to my mom.  I hear your speeches for Native American History month are going great!  I wish I could have been there for the ones on Native Boarding schools and to meet the former President of the National Congress of American Indians. Miss you, and I am really sad I probably won’t see my family for Thanksgiving.  Yep, there are some big downsides to this riding life.  Sjapoer doesn’t know it is a holiday and he still needs to get ridden, especially because I need to get moving on training with my weeks off.  
   I shaved Sjapoer yesterday! I think I need to work on my barber skills. It took me 5 hours and I was covered head to toe in horse hair. I am hoping to get really good so I can help everyone out around the barn with their clipping too; so I’ll keep on it.  I must admit I stood a bit too long and my back hurts this morning.

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