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Friday, October 4, 2013

Kentucky again!

   Well I am getting packed for Kentucky!  Everything is getting washed, boxed and ready to go.  It feels like I did this only last week for NAYRC.  One question I wish someone had an answer for is how to keep barn Gremlins from making off with everyone’s stuff.  I mean when you get that pink embroidered bedazzled whip you thought it was the only one on the planet.  Yet inevitably there are 3 in the barn and none are yours!  So Jeremy and I have been having four lessons a week for the last month. One of the things I really do work and concentrate on is trying to implement the corrections and changes that he and the judges suggest.  I try to be open to exploring different ideas on how to tackle a problem or training issue.  You would be surprised where some of the biggest ‘ah ha’ moments come from. It is also amazing how long it takes to fix bad habits.  I have historically skinny chicken wing arms.  It has taken a very long time to get them tucked in!  I think because they grew before my body.  
  In the last few years you may have observed that I like to do research when I have a question.  I like to gather information, make lists and think about things for a while before coming to decisions.  Maybe this is a reaction to living with my "jump off the cliff without looking" mom, but I like to make powerpoints and files.  I also like to collect things.  I kind of horde and can’t stop collecting things until I have the set.  For example, remember happy meals at McDonald’s?  I always had to get every action figure in the set  Anyway, I have all my Breyer horses labeled with their model number etc. and I kind of laugh at myself about this.  My point is one of the suggestions I have to youth riders is to do the research.  Before I go to a show I look up who the judges, stewards, vet, show secretaries, and other personnel are at the show.  If I don’t know them already I google and try to find a picture.  I want to be able to say hello and call them by name or perhaps know something about them.  For example, the name of their horse or dog is always a great piece of information.  This helps me to relax around strangers and to make people of ‘power’ seem more human and less scary.  Try it and see if it helps you other shy people.  I know most people don’t think I am shy and I am not; AFTER I have that first opening to meet people.   
   Finally, I have been making jewelry for the last week.  I am so excited to see so many people in KY that have been so helpful to Sjapoer and I this last year.  We will be staying at Maple Crest Farms with Reese Koeffler-Stanfield again.  I have to say everyone listen to her radio show the next few weeks!  I can’t wait to tell everyone on her show about some big changes in my life coming up soon.  I won’t spill the beans until then so tune in to the Dressage Radio Show! See you all next week in Kentucky!

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