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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Lazy Days

This is the longest I have gone without a blog. It isn’t because life has been really exciting and I have been too busy. In fact, just the opposite is true. Things have been sort of wakeup, repeat the last two weeks. With my online schooling schedule running well into NAJYRC and fall already here I made a bucket list of a few things I wanted to do in my only two weeks of summer. I went paddle boarding, rock climbing and hiking. I took my grandmother to see the One Direction movie! We had the time wrong and got there really early so I went on stage and gave her a one man serenade to an empty theatre. She said it was a night to remember.

When my mom was here we went out on Jeremy’s boat to see Seattle. We drove out to the locks, parked and went to dinner. I got to drive on the way back. It was really pretty seeing all the lights. They even had these people that stand on shore and throw and twirl fire. It reminded me of my Aunt Julie who was a baton twirler. She said she used to light her batons on fire too; and my mom thinks horses are dangerous.

Both Jeremy and Shauntel were out of town last week. We worked on the same thing we have been doing for weeks; long and low. Get that back in the right position. But it is back to pushing this week as Festival of Champions is only 5 weeks away. I am already getting excited about seeing Reese, Jen, Genay and everyone else there. This week I had four lessons with Jeremy. I can barely move. Just when I think I am in shape or I have learned how to do something we push just farther. It is great but exhausting. So I spent a bit of time just hanging by the pool and catching up on the season finales of my shows from last season to get ready for the new season!

My dad is coming to visit this week! We are going to look for a used car because Audi is beyond elderly. I may have to get a truck for hauling a trailer. I guess that is a question for every horse girl. I need to find a one horse box stall trailer. Is there such a thing? Anyone know where I can find one in Washington or Texas?

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