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Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Big News

  On Monday I signed a contract to become Nike's first ever equestrian athlete! 

How this amazing thing came about I'll leave for another blog.  What it means for me I imagine, is the support, opportunities and recognition that the world's premier athletic company can provide.  It means access to mainstream media and sponsors.  It means awareness and perhaps a growth in the fan base for equestrian sports.  I have had the last few months to get used to the idea and to make a lot of changes in my life to be able to maximize on this opportunity.  I want to do and be my best for Nike,  for Sheryl Shade, for myself and for dressage.  I want their experiences in our industry to show them the beauty, discipline, power and harmony of our human and equine competitors. I want them to be proud of their faith in me and perhaps increase their participation and involvement in our industry. 

In this generation of increasing recognition of niche sports, Nike focusing a lens on us could bring great change for us all!  In the immediate future Nike sent me to some great agents. I really hit it off with Sheryl Shade of Shade Global.  She is so amazing!  In the Sochi Olympics she represented 6 athletes, 5 medaled (6 total medals!).  She will be with me at the USET dinner this weekend in Wellington. I hope everyone can help me welcome her and Nike into our industry with a warm heart and show them all we have to offer!

I am so excited for the future!


  1. That is AMAZING, Congratulations you will do a great job at showing the rest of the world a sport that so many of us LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Congratulations!!!! This is a wonderful opportunity for you and could really do a lot for the sport!